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How often should I visit the dentist for a checkup?

We refer to dental exams and cleanings as preventive services because they allow us to look for and correct small problems like decay and gum disease before they worsen and become difficult and costly to treat. How frequently you need to see us for preventive care is something that can only be determined by Dr. Nguyen and Dr. Anthony after they evaluate your oral health.

The American Dental Association recommends preventive dental cleanings and exams twice a year as a general guideline. But if you are plagued by oral health problems or dealing with chronic periodontal disease, you may need to see us three or four times a year.  If you don’t maintain these visits as we recommend, you put yourself at risk for developing issues that damage your oral health before you even know they exist.

Prevention is easy and cost-effective because we can spare you many problems and more invasive, costly procedures in the future. For example, a spot of tooth decay that could have been addressed with a simple filling early on can damage your tooth to the extent that a dental crown or even a root canal might be needed to restore your oral health.

If you are overdue for a preventive dental cleaning and exam in Sun City Center, FL, or just have questions about the frequency of visits, please call A Family Dentistry to arrange a convenient appointment.

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